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What to do with guinea pig poop and hay after cleaning the cage?

What can I do with the used hay and guinea pig poop after I clean their cage?

Guinea pig poop and used hay can both be composted and recycled.

Can I put guinea pig poop and used hay in my copost bin?

Yes, guinea pigs are vegetarian animals (herbivores), their waste and poop can be added to your compost heap or bin.

Healthy vegetarian animals (like rabbits and guinea pigs’) poop does not pose a significant health risk and can safely be added to your compost heap or even directly to your garden, unlike the poop of meat eating animals (like cats and dogs) which can not be used in your compost or garden.

Can guinea pig bedding be recycled?

Yes, if you are using bedding like paper, straw or wood shavings, you can add that to your compost bin.

Straw and hay can be used as mulch in your garden.

Fleece can be cleaned and washed and used over and over again in your guinea pig’s cage.

How often should you clean a guinea pig cage and change the bedding?

It is best to spot clean daily

Sweep up the poop lying around in the cage. Your guinea pig’s cage will stay a lot cleaner and healthier if you spot clean regularly. I just use a hand broom and dustpan to quickly sweep up spots.

Deep clean at least once a week

At least once a week your guinea pig’s cage should be completely cleaned and all bedding should be changed.

Sweep your guinea pigs fleece bedding to get rid of all the big mess like hay and poop. These can be recycled.

Shake out your guinea pigs fleece bedding to get rid of all the smaller dust and waste.

Wash your guinea pigs fleece bedding by hand or in your washing machine. If you’re washing your guinea pigs fleece bedding in your washing machine you should wash it alone and preferably in a pet laundry bag, otherwise your washing machine will be full of dirt and guinea pig hair.

You can check out the current price for the Wheeky pet laundry bag here.

Is guinea pig poop good for grass and plants?

Yes, guinea pig poop is a great fertilizer and can be added directly to your grass or garden. Guinea pig poop (much like rabbit poop) doesn’t have to be composted before use. It can be added directly to your garden without worry, because it wont burn your plants.

Guinea pig poop breaks down quickly and contain nutrients for your plants like nitrogen and phosphorus.

Does guinea pig poop stink?

Normal healthy guinea pig poop will be small solid droppings that generally doesn’t smell. If your guinea pig’s poop smells and the consistency is off, don’t use it in your compost, rather dispose of it, to be safe.


Anyone that owns a guinea pig knows that they poop A LOT. So we have a never ending supply of guinea pig poop and bedding which can be composted and added as fertilizer to the garden.

It’s like a win-win.