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What color bell pepper is best for guinea pigs?

Fun fact: Bell peppers start out green and as it ripens it changes color to yellow, then to orange, with red bell peppers being the ripest.

All color bell peppers are safe for guinea pigs to eat. Green and yellow peppers can be fed daily, while orange and red peppers should be fed more sparingly. Although the sweeter orange and red peppers contain more vitamin C, they also contain more sugar.

Nutritional facts

  • Bell peppers are a great source of vitamin C for us and our guinea pig friends. It’s one of the best veggies that you can feed your piggy.
  • Did you know that red bell peppers are actually the ripest, with the sweetest flavor and the most nutrients.
  • Your guinea pigs can eat all colored bell peppers.
  • Green bell peppers are the lowest in sugar and can be fed daily, the rest of the colors should be fed occasionally (about 2 to 3 times a week)

Do guinea pigs like bell peppers?

The majority of guinea pigs go crazy for bell peppers at first taste. Some take time to acquire a taste for it and a handful don’t care for it.

Ho much bell pepper can a guinea pig eat?

It depends on the color of the pepper. A serving size is about a 1/6th piece of bell pepper per piggy, cut into long strips or rings.

Please remember to always wash all veggies thoroughly. When serving bell peppers, remove the stems, leaves and seeds. Although some people do serve the bell pepper with the soft seeds to their guinea pigs. The seeds are not poisonous but there might still be a choking hazard.

Strips of green peppers can be served daily.

Strips of colored peppers can be fed a few times a week (2 to 3 times a week or every other day). Too much of the sweeter pepper can lead to gas and bloating because of their higher sugar content.

Can guinea pigs eat any of the hotter type peppers?

No, guinea pigs cannot eat hotter or any chili peppers like jalapenos. Their little stomachs are way too sensitive and will get painfully upset.