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What can guinea pigs play with?

If you are a new guinea pig owner you might wonder about what toys are safe for guinea pigs to play with.

Here’s a list of toys that your guinea pigs will love to play with.

1. Friends

I’ve got to put this one in. Technically not a toy, but your little friend needs a companion of their own. Guinea pigs are herd animals and will be healthier and happier with a little friend to chase and cuddle.

D.I.Y. guinea pig toys

2. Empty toilet paper rolls

This one is so versatile and everyone has empty toilet rolls. There are a lot of toys that you can make out of empty toilet rolls. Don’t worry tp rolls are non toxic and perfectly safe for guinea pigs to play with and chew on.

Stuff them with hay and you will have a clear winner.

3. Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes make excellent hideys. You can use shoe boxes, moving boxes or those empty six pack long life milk boxes. Any boxes will actually do as long as it is clean and free from plastic lining or glue residue.

My guinea pigs like to chew on them and flip it over from time to time and pretend it’s a boat.

4. Tunnels

Guinea pigs are prey animals so they like to burrow and hide. Tunnels are perfect for running through or chilling in. This is another toy that you can make yourself or you can find cute ones online.

5. Chew balls

Chew balls that are made from hay or grass are fun to play with and a tasty snack, what more could a guinea pig ask for.

They love rolling these chew balls around their enclosure and nibbling on them.

Timothy hay chew balls are fun and healthy at the same time.

You can also just crinkle up some paper into balls, they will have fun chasing it around.

You also get the cutest little toy or puzzle balls where you can insert treats.

6. Chew sticks

Your guinea pig pal will appreciate a good all natural wood chew stick. These sticks are delicious and also serves the purpose of keeping their teeth healthy and trim. Check out these natural apple sticks.

7. Playpen for roaming

Place your guinea pig friends in a play pen to roam around and play in. I like this option over completely free roaming. I’ve spent many a times calling, waiting, begging and bribing a guinea pig (with snacks) that didn’t want to come out from under a sofa or bed.

A playpen can also be used for safe outside play time. Place the playpen on grass or in an area with guinea pig safe plants for them to enjoy.

What I love about my playpen is that it’s easy to fold and pack away until the next play time.

Games to play with your guinea pigs

8. Obstacle course / Maize

Build a fun obstacle course or maize for your guinea pigs to explore. You can use cardboard boxes and tubes. And don’t forget to place treats along the way for them to find.

Make sure to build the obstacle course or maize with enough space for your guinea pig to run and explore.

9. Scavenger hunt

Entertain your guinea pigs by letting them search for treats. Cut up pieces of veg and fruit and place them around the enclosure for them to find. Hide bite sized treats on top of or behind hideys and in tunnels.

Toys that are not safe for guinea pigs

  • Exercise balls
  • Exercise wheels

Guinea pigs are rodents with a … let’s say, unique physique. Unlike hamsters and mice, they can hurt their backs or seriously injure themselves, so no exercise balls or wheels for them.

Things to look out for (potential hazards)

Look out for chocking hazards or small openings where they can get their head stuck.

After play time is done, make sure to remove all uneaten treats. You don’t want them to find old rotten treats later.

Top tip

There is no need for expensive toys, use what you have at home and make toys for your guinea pigs from materials like: paper, cardboard, hay, fruit and veggies.

Just include treats in any new toys or games and they will love it.