How big should a guinea pig cage be?

Guinea pigs are little herd animals and thrive in groups. They are highly social and enjoy the company of family and other piggies. It is therefor better to have 2 piggies living together.

Unlike hamsters, mice and rats, guinea pigs don’t need vertical cages, because they don’t climb. You don’t even need a lid. Horizontal cages are perfect for them, because they need space to run around.

Cage Sizes

Commercial cages at pet stores are often undersized and mostly suitable for only one guinea pig, which is not ideal.

In cage sizes – bigger is better. We all want healthy, happy piggies and the more space they have, the more likely they will also all get along. Even BFF’s need some space away from each other now and then.

It’s a good idea to get a cage that can expand, should you get another guinea pig. For this a C&C (cube and coroplast) cage is perfect, as you can just add another cube grid.

So just how much space do guinea pigs need?

See the Quick reference graphic I created for you.

Personally I have a play pen for my guinea piggies and it works perfect for us. Here are a few photo’s:

play pen

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