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Can guinea pigs eat rabbit pellets?

Guinea pigs should never be fed pellets only.

A healthy balanced guinea pig diet should consist of an unlimited supply of hay, 1/8th cup of pellets, about 1 cup of fresh veggies, an occasional piece of fruit as a treat and unlimited fresh water.

If your guinea pig is being fed a healthy balanced diet, then there is no problem using rabbit pellets (just make sure it doesn’t have any added antibiotics). Guinea pigs should get their daily dose of essential vitamin C from their daily cup of veggies.

Can a guinea pig eat rabbit food?

If the rabbit food consists of pellets only, you can feed it to your guinea pig, no problem.

If the rabbit food is a mix and consists of pellets, seeds, dried fruit and veggies, then no, your guinea pig can not eat it.

Seeds and dried veggie pellets are a potential choking hazard to guinea pigs and should never be fed to them.

I have even seen food for guinea pigs that contain these dried colored veggie pellets. Do not feed this to your guinea pig. Year’s ago I had a guinea pig choke on one of these round colored pellets. So never give it to your piggies, even if it’s labelled for guinea pigs.

How much pellets should a guinea pig eat a day?

In reality, pellets are not an essential part of a guinea pigs diet, so an 1/8th cup of pellets is enough per day.

Over feeding pellets can cause guinea pigs to develop obesity as well as dental issues.

Is there a difference between rabbit pellets and guinea pig pellets?

I see a lot of advice saying that guinea pigs can get sick from eating rabbit pellets. In reality, guinea pigs will get sick from a lack of vitamin C if only fed these pellets.

Most of the normal every day rabbit pellets and guinea pig pellets are the same.

Unless the guinea pig pellets specify that it is vitamin C fortified. This is of course a great choice for a good quality guinea pig pellet.

The only rabbit pellets to avoid is any that may contain added antibiotics, which is harmful to guinea pigs.