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Can Guinea pigs eat Grapes?

A guinea pig should mainly eat hay, 1/8th cup of pellets and a cup of veggies and fruit. The main question here is, can guinea pigs eat grapes.

Can guinea pigs eat grapes?

Guinea pigs can safely eat grapes in moderation. They can enjoy green grapes, purple grapes or red grapes.

How much grapes can I feed my guinea pig?

Your guinea pig can eat 1 to 2 grapes per week.

Although grapes are considered to be packed with nutrients that are good for your guinea pig, like the essential Vit C, it also contains a big amount of sugar which can lead to health issues like diarrhea and obesity.

Grapes like most fruit are considered a sweet treat to guinea pigs and should not be served daily.

Can guinea pigs eat grape seeds?

All seeds pose a potential choking hazard to guinea pigs.

Even though grape seeds are small, rather remove them before serving the grapes to your piggies.

Alternatively you can buy seedless grapes.

Do guinea pigs like grapes?

Most guinea pigs like eating grapes, but there are some that don’t.

It is best to offer your guinea pig a small piece of grape and observe their reaction. If they eat it, great, they can have 1 or 2 grapes a week.

If they are not interested in the grapes, then no problem, remove the grapes and rather offer alternatives like strawberry, watermelon or apple.

Can guinea pigs eat raisins?

Guinea pigs should not eat raising.

Dried fruit contains a higher amount of sugars.

Can guinea pigs drink grape juice?

Guinea pigs should not drink grape juice or any other fruit juice. Fruit juices has a high sugar content and may contain additives that can cause diarrhea, obesity or other health problems.

How to serve grapes to guinea pigs

  1. Only serve fresh, ripe grapes.
  2. Wash the grapes thoroughly to get rid of any pesticide residue.
  3. It is best to cut the grapes in half, to avoid any possible choking hazards.
  4. Remove the grape seeds or buy seedless grapes.
  5. Serve to your guinea pig.
  6. Watch them enjoy it.


Grapes are not toxic to guinea pigs, they can safely eat it in moderation (1 to 2 grapes a week).