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Can guinea pigs eat blueberries?

A guinea pig’s diet should mainly consist of an endless supply of hay, 1/8th cup of pellets and 1 cup of fresh veggies and fruit every day.

The main question is: Can guinea pig’s eat blueberries and how much is safe?

Can guinea pigs eat blueberries?

Guinea pigs can eat blueberries, in fact it’s a great source of antioxidants and vitamins.

Blueberries can safely be given to guinea pigs in small amounts now and then, because it also contains a lot of sugar and is acidic.

How many blueberries can a guinea pig eat?

Guinea pigs can safely eat 1 to 2 blueberries once a week.

The high amount of sugar in blueberries can cause obesity and other health problems in guinea pigs, that’s why 1 or 2 a week is enough.

Too much of an acidic fruit can also cause mouth sores, so stick to the recommended amount.

Blueberries, like most fruit, are considered as an occasional sweet treat for guinea pigs and should never be served daily.

Can guinea pigs eat blueberry seeds?

Generally guinea pigs should never eat any nuts or seeds, because of the potential choking hazards, but blueberry seeds are so tiny that they can safely eat a blueberry with seeds and all.

Can guinea pigs eat dried blueberries?

Dried blueberries, like most dried fruit, are higher in sugar and should not be fed to guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs eat blueberry jam?

Blueberry jam, or any kind of jams or jellies for that matter, contain additives like sugar and preservatives that are harmful to guinea pigs. So no blueberry jam.

Can guinea pigs eat blueberry muffins?

Blueberry muffins are not safe for guinea pigs to eat. Any muffins contain added sugar and other ingredients that are not safe for guinea pigs to consume.

Can guinea pigs have blueberry juice?

Guinea pigs should never have blueberry or any other fruit juice. The sugar content in juice is way too high and harmful to guinea pigs.

Too much sugar can cause obesity, diarrhea and other health problems.

How to serve blueberries to guinea pigs?

  1. Only serve fresh blueberries at room temperature.
  2. Wash blueberries thoroughly to remove any possible pesticides.
  3. Cut blueberries in half.
  4. Serve to your guinea pig.
  5. Watch them enjoy it.

Do guinea pigs like blueberries?

Most guinea pigs like blueberries and some just won’t like it at all.

It’s best to offer a piece of blueberry to your guinea pig and observe. If they eat it, great, they can have 1 or 2 blueberries per week.

If they don’t eat it, that’s also fine, rather offer them another fruit that they love, like apple, grapes or strawberries. Please remember to remove all the left over / old fruit that they didn’t eat.

Can blueberries be harmful to guinea pigs?

If you feed your guinea pig too much blueberries, it can be harmful to their health.

The high sugar content can cause diarrhea, and obesity in guinea pigs.

If too many blueberries are consumed, the increased level of acidity can cause mouth sores.

If your guinea pig shows any of these symptoms you should contact your local exotic vet for assistance.


Blueberries can be a nutritious snack for guinea pigs. It contains vital antioxidants and vitamins, like vitamin C, but should only be consumed in moderation (1 to 2 blueberries a week). Too many can lead to health issues.

Blueberries is a treat and not a daily staple.