Christmas gifts for guinea pigs

christmas gifts for guinea pigs

Christmas is around the corner and it’s time to celebrate with friends and family (and don’t forget your guinea pigs). Here are our top picks for gifts for you and your guinea pig friends.

Guinea pig Christmas Hat and Scarf

How adorable will your Christmas photo’s be when you dress up your little friends in their Christmas attire.  Image how cute your guinea pigs will look with these Christmas hats and scarfs.

Christmas themed tunnel hideout

A Christmas themed guinea pig tunnel, perfect to get into the spirit of the festive season. Both you and your piggies will absolutely love it.

Cozy Guinea pig hideout

Get your friend a safe, warm and cozy hideout to sleep and hang out in. It’s machine washable and easy to clean.

Guinea pig house tent hideout

This high quality guinea pig house bed is the perfect place for your guinea pigs to play, rest, hide and sleep in.

Tip proof STAY bowl

Keep food clean and off the floor with Stay bowl. No more turning the bowl upside down.

We haven’t forgotten about your guinea pig loving friends.

Here are some awesome gift ideas that would be ideal for any human who adores their little furry pals.

Novelty guinea pig socks

What an excellent gift idea for guinea pig lovers. Why not get yourself a pair of these guinea pig socks too.

Beware of guinea pig sign

You have been warned. How awesome is this Beware of Guinea Pig sign, place it in your window or display it close to your guinea pig’s cage.

My patronus is a guinea pig shirt

If you love Harry Potter and guinea pigs, then this is the perfect t-shirt for you. My patronus is a guinea pig.

Guinea pig mom makeup bag

This special gift is for all the guinea pig obsessed ladies out there. The Guinea pig mom makeup bag is perfect for all your makeup goodies and a great travel companion.

Guinea pig stickers

Who doesn’t love stickers, right? These adorable guinea pig stickers are perfect for kids, teens and adults.